Since January 2014, the SACC collect annual fees on behalf of the IPF.  The joint collection of regional and IPF fees was passed by the IPF Council in 2012 and approved at the 2013 SACC AGM for this region.  This fee is payable by your club at the start of January each year and allows clubs and individual club members to participate in SACC/IPF competitions and other SACC/IPF events throughout the year. The SACC annual fee is €50 regardless of the size of the club.  The IPF annual fee is calculated based on the size of the club.

Less than 30 members €125

30 -50 Members €150

51 – 80 Members €175

80+ €200

In addition to paying fees, all SACC clubs are obliged to fill out the form below to provide contact details. Regardless of the method of payment, this form must be filled out each year to enable us to keep up to date records. This information is shared with the IPF.  Clubs are also obliged to provide a copy of their insurance certificate.

The affiliation form below ‘SACC & IPF Form’ is the up to date link for club fees.

Click for SACC Club Affiliation Form 2024


Please note that only members of paid up clubs will have access to SACC competitions and only paid up clubs will be eligible to enter SACC Interclub Competition.

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