SACC Regional Round of IPF Nature Photographer of the Year 2016 / 17 now open!


We’re pleased to announce that the SACC regional qualifying round of the IPF Nature Photographer of the Year 2016/2017 is now open for entries.

To read more about this competition, the themes for this year, cost of entry etc., please read this post on the IPF Website. You can also access the IPF entry link by clicking here.

The competition is open to all members of SACC affiliated club.

The closing date for SACC Regional entries is December 12th 2016.

The SACC Nature PotY competition will take place on Sunday, January 22nd at the Cabragh Wetlands Trust facility, Cabragh, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Please note this year:

  • All entries should be made through the IPF Website
  • You must upload a digital copy of all prints at time of entry.
  • Please note the mandatory labelling system for all print entries. These labels are available for download from the IPF website. You can also access the download by clicking here.
  • Please ensure that you enter the correct level as defined in the rules – pay careful attention to the definitions of the Advanced and Non-Advanced entry criteria.

For the 2016/2017 season, the sections in full are shown below (from the IPF website). For the full definition of themes, please go to themes page on the IPF Web site and refer to the rules. The first four sections below are run under the FIAP nature definition while ‘The Natural World’ is defined within our competition rules document.

  • Print – Open
  • Print – Theme – Flora and Fungi
  • Projected Image – Open
  • Projected Image – Theme – Irish wild birds and wildlife
  • Projected Image – Open – The Natural World


Entry fee structure listed below:

  • One Section: €15
  • Two Sections: €20
  • Three Sections: €25
  • Four or more Sections: €30



We are delighted to welcome the following judges for this years SACC Regional round:

  • Kevin Murphy, FIPF, ARPS
  • Des Connors FIPF.


SACC Photographer of the Year 2016 / 17 – Event Schedule


The SACC Qualifying Round of the IPF Photographer of the Year Competition 2016/17  in association with Bermingham Cameras will be held on Sunday, November 20th in the Horse & Jockey Hotel, Co Tipperary. This competition is open to all individual members of SACC affiliated clubs and is the Southern Regional round of the IPF PotY Competition 2016/17. Check out the entry details and themes in the related post on the SACC or the IPF websites. 
Note: Closing date for entries: Tuesday, Nov 15th 2016.   Please ensure that your print entries have the correct SACC label attached and filled out. Thanks you. The label is available for download from the IPF website. The label download link may also be accessed from here.

Event Schedule:

9.00am-10.00am Hand in of print entries.
Prints for SACC PotY must have been pre-registered via online IPF system. Prints that have not been pre-registered will not be accepted.
10.45am – close Judging starts at 10.45am and will continue in the following sequence:

  • Colour Prints (open & themed)
  • Monochrome prints (open & themed)
  • Projected Images (open & themed).
  • Award Ceremony

( There will be a lunch break at approximately 1:00pm.)

Images that do not qualify for national finals can be collected AFTER awards ceremony.
Qualifying prints will be retained and forwarded to IPF for National Finals.

We wish all entrants the very Best of Luck! See you all in Horse & Jockey on the 20th.


SACC Photographer of the Year Competition 2016 – Open for Entries


The SACC Committee is delighted to announce that the 2016 SACC Photographer of the Year Competition will be held on Sunday, November 20th in the Horse & Jockey Hotel, Co Tipperary. This competition is open to all individual members of SACC affiliated clubs and is the Southern Regional round of the IPF PotY Competition 2016/17
The best overall image in the SACC region is awarded the Seamus Scullane Memorial Trophy. There are 6 categories available to enter; 3 open and 3 themed.
(The national finals of the IPF PotY will take place in February).

The competition is now open for online entries via the IPF Website. Please note that this year the entries for all the regional PotY rounds are being centralised through the IPF Website.
Full details of the competition, including entry fees and the link to enter and upload your images, are available on the IPF Website:

There are two sections, Open and Themed:

Open sections:

  • Colour Print
  • Monochrome Print
  • Projected Image

Themed sections:

  • Colour Print – Creative / Experimental Photography
  • Monochrome Print – Environmental Portraiture
  • Projected Image – The Human Face and Body

The closing date for entries is Tuesday, Nov 15th 2016.

Our judges this year are:

  • Joe Doyle AIPF, AFIAP
  • Michelle La Grue, AIPF
  • Denis Whelehan AIPF, EFIAP (Dundalk CC)

This year we’re delighted to have Bermingham Cameras as our sponsor for the competition.

About our Sponsors

Bermingham Cameras is an Irish company set up in 1968 by Paddy Bermingham, the original owner. Now the store is owned by Brian Whelan, who has worked in the store since 1968, and is a family run business. They have a huge range of photographic equipment stock in both new and used equipment, and have been awarded the statuses of:

  • Nikon Professional Dealer
  • Canon Imaging Partner
  • Fugi X-Series Specialist
  • Panasonic Lumix Imaging Specialist
  • Sony Imaging Specialist

They pride themselves on their technical knowledge and after sales service and they welcome photographers of all levels. They run regular training events and talks for their customers and also exhibit at various trade shows throughout the year. They support camera clubs and the IPF in various ways including sponsorship and camera club events.

If you are not based close to them, their website carries the full inventory of their stock and they also have a very active social media presence with the latest news from their store.

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