SACC Creative Photography Competition 2016 – Report

The SACC Creative Photography Competition 2016 was held in the Park Hotel, Dungarvan, on Sunday October 23rd and was hosted by Dungarvan Camera Club. The overall entry was up by 10% on last year continuing the upward trend in submission numbers. The print entry numbers was slightly down, but this was offset by the increase in the PDI (Projected) image entries. This increase is indicative of the continuing growth in interest in this photography genre. The open interpretation of creative photography amongst members resulted in wide variety of images in terms of subject, levels of post processing and artistic creativity.


We were delighted to see photographers from all around the country taking part as this event is a national competition and is open to members from all IPF affiliated clubs. Additionally the top scoring 35% count as Irish qualifiers for those going for AFIAP distinctions.

Our thanks to all involved in making this competition a success:

  • Our judges, Martin Spackman ARPS and Paul Reidy LIPF, AFIAP who provided excellent commentary & feedback throughout the judging.
  • The SACC Committee.
  • Dungarvan Camera Club committee and members.
  • All who entered images and those who attended.

In addition to the excellent feedback from the judges throughout the judging, Martin Spackman spoke at length about a number of aspects of the creative image process, including the importance of photographic prints as a media choice. He said that some images by virtue of their subject and treatment lend themselves to print rather than PDI, and vise versa, it is therefore important for entrants to evaluate their submissions on that basis, He also said that creativity can be as much about in camera techniques as post processing of images.

He emphasised that in judging the entries, the judges took into account the degree of compliance with the definition of creativity published for the competition as well as overall image composition and quality. He said that some images worked better where a simplicity of subject and creative approach was used and that post processing wasn’t the only creative avenue available. In relation to the fact that large text featured in two of the winning images (the Mickey Mouse name in “Anna” by Iga Sasiela, and the name on the boat in Ron Bending’s “Moored at Morston”), Martin said that he did not see this feature as a negative in creative images, as some judges did, and felt that in some case it even complimented the image.

In relation to the choice the overall winner he said that the judges had a difficult decision as the winning images in both the Print and Projected were of such a high standard. The final selection of “Anna” by Iga Sasiela (featured below) was the result of much deliberation and was influenced by the freshness, simplicity of subject matter, newness of overall treatment and the use of vibrant colour to emphasise the subject.  

Martin expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to judge the competitions and said that the overall standard was high. He also said that he and his wife had thoroughly enjoyed his visit to Dungarvan and the South East and thanked the Dungarvan club members for their warm welcome and hospitality throughout.

Congratulation to all those who won awards and our thanks to our judges (Martin Spackman and Paul Reidy), the committee and members of Dungarvan Camera Club, the SACC Committee and to all entrants in the competition, whose combined effort and contributions resulted in another very successful and interesting national competition.

View the Gallery of Winning Images and photos of the Prize presentations here:    SACC Creative Competition Gallery

SACC Creative Photography Competition – Event Schedule

Creative Photography Competition – Event Schedule

This is a quick reminder that the SACC Creative Photographic Competition, which is being hosted by Dungarvan Camera Club, takes place in the Park Hotel, Dungarvan on Sunday 23rd Oct. The proposed event time table is given below. As you’d expect, the results and awards may be earlier or later than the scheduled time, depending on the number of entries.

Our thanks to all those who have already entered, we appreciate your support. For those still intending to enter, please note that the closing date and time is midnight on Friday next (Oct 21st).

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SACC Creative Photography Competition 2016 – NOW OPEN


The SACC Committee is delighted to announce that the 2016 SACC Creative Photography Competition will be held on Sunday, October 23rd at the Park Hotel, Dungarvan, Co Waterford.

The competition is open to members of all IPF affiliated clubs.

For those collecting Irish qualifiers for AFIAP applications, the top 35% of images in this competition qualify for AFIAP.

The Rules of the competition, which was formerly known as the SACC Creative Digital Competition, have been updated for 2016 (please read carefully). The competition will open for online entries in mid-October and the competition will be judged by Martin Spackman ARPS and Paul Reidy LIPF, AFIAP.

There are two sections: prints and projected images, each catering for intermediate and advanced photographers. To decide which category you qualify for (Intermediate or Advanced), please refer to the competition rules. You may enter four images in each section.

Entry fee is €8 for one section and €12 for two. The entry fee must be paid via the online registration system.

The definition to work to is:

Creative Photography means different things to different people. To some, it means manipulation of images using image editing software and to others, it means breaking the rules/conventions using creative techniques in-camera such as slow shutter speeds, panning, creative compositions etc. Photographic content should predominate. For the purposes of this competition, anything goes”.

The inclusion of stock images/clip art is not permitted. For example, if you wish to add a sunflower to your image, then you need to photograph a sunflower!”

To Enter 2016 Competition: Click Here

System requirements are listed here.

When the competition entry link is published, if you experience any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our ‘contact page‘.

Closing Date: Midnight, October 21st 2016.

To whet your creativity, why not check out last year’s gallery of winning images.