SACC Interclub Results 2017

Date: April 9th, 2017

Venue: Loreto School, Kilkenny

Hosted by: Kilkenny Photographic Society

Overall Winners 1st Cork Camera Group 1534 points
  2nd Blarney Photography Club 1529 points
  3rd Mallow Camera Club 1476 points
Colour Print 1st Blarney Photography Club 544 points
  2nd Cork Camera Group 531 points
  3rd Mallow Camera Club 502 points
Monochrome Print 1st Blackwater Photographic Society 496 points
  2nd Blarney Photography Club 491 points
  3rd Kilkenny Photographic Society 490 points
Projected Image 1st Cork Camera Group 523 points
  2nd Blarney Photography Club 494 points
  =3rd Mallow Camera Club 488 points
  =3rd Kilkenny Photographic Society 488 points

Individual Awards

Best overall image  “Autumn Queen” Paul Reidy Blarney Photography Club
Best colour print “Autumn Queen” Paul Reidy Blarney Photography Club
Best monochrome print     “Bird Watcher” Morgan O’Neill Cork Camera Group
Best projected image  “The Wait” Morgan O’Neill Cork Camera Group


Results: SACC Interclub Results 2017 (pdf format)

In the Projected Image section, there was a tie for third place which was not announced on the day. Mallow Camera Club and Kilkenny Photographic Society share the honours. Our apologies to Kilkenny for the oversight.


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