SACC Nature Results 2015

Date: January 24th, 2015

Venue: Woodlands Hotel, Waterford

Hosted by: Waterford Camera Club

Note: In the event of a tie for a medal/award position, the judges were shown the tied images and chose final rankings after reviewing them.

Note that each individual receives their own score privately via email from (over coming days).

The qualifying marks required to progress to national finals are listed below. Each image was scored out of a maximum of 18 points.

Print Open – 14 and above
Print Theme – 15 and above
Projected open – 12 and above
Projected theme – 12 and above
Projected natural world – 13 and above

Projected Image - Open - Advanced 
1stPadraig MolloyWexford Camera Clubgot ya18
2ndCharlie GallowayWaterford Camera ClubKingfisher with catch18
3rdCharlie GallowayWaterford Camera ClubPine marten18
HMAnn FrancisCork Camera GroupEueides isabella17
HMRoger JonesCarlow Photographic SocietyFree lunch.17
Projected Image - Open - Intermediate
1stOlivia FortuneBlarney Photography ClubSea Eagle at Fota16
2ndJack SavageWaterford Camera ClubStag in action16
3rdJim HeffernanBlackwater Photographic Societythe mushroom16
HMNed MahonKilkenny Photographic SocietyGET OUT OF MY WAY16
HMMary KinsellaCarrick Camera ClubBee Orchid16
Projected Image - Theme - Advanced
1stBill PowerMallow Camera ClubHummingbird Hawkmoth on Lavender17
HMPaul TipsMallow Camera ClubMating Tellow Dung Flies17
Projected Image - Theme - Intermediate
1stPatrick LyonsCarrick Camera ClubLadybird16
HMColette O'ConnellDungarvan Camera ClubPollen from Willow14
Projected Image - The Natural World - Advanced
1stJohn HootonMallow Camera Clubbrandon17
2ndJohn HootonMallow Camera Clubfermoyle island17
3rdPaul TipsMallow Camera ClubHerb-Robert16
HMBill PowerMallow Camera ClubParacites on a Damselfly16
HMPaul ReidyBlarney Photography ClubRested16
Projected Image - The Natural World - Intermediate
1stMary KinsellaCarrick Camera ClubLadybird Invasion17
2ndSuzanne MerriganFermoy Camera ClubGrubs Up Blue Tit16
3rdSuzanne MerriganFermoy Camera ClubGreen Finch VS Juvenile Robin16
HMNed MahonKilkenny Photographic SocietyFROZEN LAKE AT DAWN15
HMSuzanne MerriganFermoy Camera ClubAraglen Red Squirrel15
Colour Print - Open - Advanced
1stCharlie GallowayWaterford Camera ClubPine Martin18
2ndBill PowerMallow Camera ClubToadstool and Oakleaf18
3rdBill PowerMallow Camera ClubMycenae on Moss18
HMRoger JonesCarlow Photographic SocietyComing into land.17
HMPadraig MolloyWexford Camera Clubsnap17
Colour Print - Open - Intermediate
1stJack SavageWaterford Camera ClubStag on top.18
2ndMario Mac RoryWaterford Camera ClubSecret Squirrel18
3rdMario Mac RoryWaterford Camera ClubRiver King17
HMJack SavageWaterford Camera ClubStag in the sun17
HMMario Mac RoryWaterford Camera ClubComeragh Cub17
Colour Print - Theme - Advanced
1stCharlie GallowayWaterford Camera ClubPolar Bear seconds away18
HMCharlie GallowayWaterford Camera ClubA word in your ear18
Colour Print - Theme - Intermediate
1stPatty ConnorWaterford Camera ClubGot You!18
HMGilbert SmythCarlow Photographic SocietyWhispers16

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