SACC Inter Club Cup & Shield 2021

1) The Annual SACC Inter-Club Competition is a digital
only competition again this year.
2) That the Competition is divided into two
a) An SACC Cup (for larger/more advanced Clubs)
b) An SACC Shield (for smaller /less Advanced Clubs)
3) Both the SACC Cup and SACC Shield will be for a 2x 10 image Digital panels (One Colour and
one Mono) with a restriction of two images from any one author on each panel.
4) Both events will be run simultaneously on the same lines as last year.
5) Full details including Rules, Closing dates etc are attached and are published on the SACC Web-
6) Club numbers have been allocated previously and are republished for information in the current
Rules for this Competition.
7) The judges for this event will be announced later.
8) Full details of Rules Entry etc are available on the web site
9) The latest date for the receipt of application forms will be

Midnight on Thursday 22 nd April 2021
and for uploading entries to the designated Club Dropbox will be
Midnight on Sunday 25 th April 2021

10) Any queries should be referred to Committee@SACC.IE

Click here for rules and Entry Form

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