SACC Interclub Competition 2013 – Schedule & Speakers

Remember the treats that we’ve been mentioning in relation to the SACC Interclub Competition this year?


SACC interclub 2013

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we’ve organised to show you two exceptional fellowship panels up close and personal, with presentations by their authors, Michael O’Sullivan FIPF FRPS from Cork Camera Group and Morgan O’Neill FIPF EFIAP from Mallow Camera Club.

To cover costs, there is a nominal fee of just €2 per lecture and we hope that you will take the chance to avail of this excellent opportunity to attend both talks by two outstanding photographers, not to mention to have the chance to view two fellowship panel prints in close detail.

Members from all clubs are welcome to attend, regardless if they have entered the competition or not.  In addition to our guest speakers, there will be some wonderful images on show in the competition from SACC clubs and the SACC Interclub day is always an enjoyable experience and a chance to catch up with old friends, colleagues and fellow photographers!

This event is being hosted by the Southern Association of Camera Clubs in conjunction with Kilkenny Photographic Society to whom we extend our thanks.

Finally, we’d like to wish all competing clubs the very best of luck!

Further info Full event details, location, judges, rules and entry requirements

Schedule for day is below and while we’ll do our very best to ensure that we follow it as closely as possible, please bear in mind that we are a team of volunteers doing the best we can!

9am-10.30am Registration and hanging of panels.
11am Morning judging session (private)

Guest Speaker: Morgan O’Neill FIPF EFIAP
Cost: €2 (we’d appreciate exact change please!)
1pm-2pm Lunch break
2pm Afternoon judging session (private)

Guest Speaker: Michael O’Sullivan FIPF FRPS
Cost: €2 (we’d appreciate exact change please!)
4pm Panels available for public viewing
4.30pm Judges commentary followed by awards ceremony
Note Panels may not be removed from panel boards until permission is given by SACC Committee AFTER awards ceremony.

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