The POTY and NPOTY for 2020 is fast approaching and this year we will have some major changes to the running of the competition. Further details will be announced shortly. Entry will open 25/10/19 and closing date will be 24/11/19. The plan this year is to run both competitions on the same day  Sat Jan 25 with the POTY in the morning and NPOTY in the afternoon. To facilitate this change prints for entry will be collected in advance of the competition and we are currently organising several locations so that we can save members travelling huge distances in order to enter. Judges for the SACC competition are Dominic Reddin, Des Clinton and Michelle La Grue

Categories are listed below and you can click the POTY or NPOTY to enter or go to the competitions page.


1. OPEN Colour Print (CP) – up to four entries.

2. OPEN Monochrome Print (MP) – up to four entries.
3. OPEN Colour PDI (CPDI) – up to four entries.
4. OPEN Monochrome PDI (MPDI) – up to four entries.


1.Print (PA) Mammals and Marine – up to four entries.
2. Print (PB) Birds – up to four entries.
3. PDI (PDIA) Invertebrates – up to four entries.
4. PDI (PDIB) Flora & Fungi – up to four entries



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