SACC Competition Calendar 2013/2014

The dates for the next four SACC competitions have been decided and are listed below.  We hope giving you all as much notice as possible will result in continued growth in each competition.

With the exception of the SACC regional round of the IPF Print and Projected Image Competition (which is likely to be held in Mallow) we require venues for the other three competitions.  In order to spread the events throughout the region we are asking clubs to consider hosting an event.  The event itself will be run by the SACC, but we need clubs to source venues, provide manpower on the day, and generally help in the running of the competitions.  Each competition is a one-day event.

If your club is interested in hosting one of the above competitions please contact the SACC committee via our ‘contact‘ page for further information.

  • SACC Regional Round of IPF Print & Projected Image Competition – November 3rd, 2013
  • SACC Regional Round of IPF National Nature Competition – January 26th 2014
  • SACC Interclub Competition – March 23rd 2014
  • SACC Creative Digital Competition – April 27th 2014

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