SACC Fees 2014


SACC Fees for 2014 are now due for payment

Please note:

From January 2014 the SACC will collect annual fees on behalf of the IPF.  The joint collection of regional and IPF fees was passed by the IPF Council in 2012 and approved at the 2013 SACC AGM for this region.  The fees themselves have not changed; they are simply being combined for collection in one single payment. This fee is payable by your club at the start of January each year and allows clubs and individual club members to participate in SACC/IPF competitions and other SACC/IPF events throughout the year.

Please see this article on IPF Website for further details.

Combined Fee Small Club: €125 (SACC Fee: €50 + IPF Small Club Fee: €75)
Combined Fee Large Club: €150 (SACC Fee: €50 + IPF Large Club Fee: €100)

Pay now over on our Fees Page – where you will find payment methods and also a contact form which all clubs must fill out – regardless if payment has already been received for 2014.  We can’t keep clubs up to date on events and news without up to date contacts!!

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