SACC Interclub Competition 2014


The annual and highly contested SACC Interclub Competition for 2014 takes place on March 23rd in the Skyline Suite at Hotel Kilkenny. We’ll be announcing further details & full schedule shortly including a special guest speaker.  Right now though, if your club is going to enter, then they need to read this post and get their entry fee in on time to guarantee their space.

What does your club need to do to enter?

• Pay the entry fee by Friday 14th March 2014

You may pay online via paypal button below (preferred), or by cheque to SACC Treasurer John Hogan (John Hogan, Kilpatrick, Ballyclough, Mallow, Co.Cork). If you cannot pay by Friday 14th March, you MUST contact us via contact page to confirm that your club will be entering. Fees remain unchanged; €20 for one panel, €30 for two panels & €40 for all three.

Please select the number of panels your club is entering:
Club Name (*required):

• Complete the entry form and send it to by Friday 21st March 2014

The entry form for 2014 can be downloaded via this link. You must mail completed form to by Friday 21st March 2014

• Study the rules and get your panels organised

Please read Interclub Rules 2014 (no change since last year) and work with your club to assemble your panels!

• Pack double-sided sticky velcro

Lots of it! You’ll need double-sided sticky velcro to attach your prints to the panel boards.

• Watch out for mount size

Maximum mount size is 20 x 16 inches. The dimensions of the panel boards are 8 x 4 feet (96 x 48 inches). Please note that if you are using the maximum size mount, and all mounts on any row are landscape oriented, they are not going to fit on the panel boards. You need to either adjust the layout of your panel, or use slightly smaller mounts.

• Hang panels

Panels must be hung between 9am-10.30am on Sunday 23rd March in Skyline Suite at Hotel Kilkenny. Full schedule coming shortly.

• What to bring on competition day?

• For Print Panels:

• Prints & velcro. Measuring tapes, levels, laser pointers etc optional!
• Printed thumbnail view of each overall print panel layout – A4 print ideal on any kind of paper
• Jpg of thumbnail view of each overall panel layout on disc or memory stick
• Jpegs of each image on each print panel (sized to 1024 pixels on longest edge) on disc or memory stick

• For Projected Panels:

• Jpg of thumbnail view of projected panel layout (x2, one with name of club included, the other without) on disc or memory stick
• Digital jpgs of each image on projected panel (sized to 2400 pixels on longest edge) on disc or memory stick, numbered 1-10

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