Tim Pile – ‘Have I Got Nudes For You’

Circle Of BeautyThe Southern Association of Camera Clubs is delighted to welcome Tim Pile to Ireland and to announce details of his tour which is being organised by the SACC.

Tim will be showing us his journey from his entry into digital photography to his current work, and how and why he came to specialise in nudes. While Tim does some studio work he mostly seeks out interesting and unusual locations to work with his adventurous models, and he will be giving some tips on working on location, as well as a few tales behind the how the images were produced.


Alone In The Woods

He is an extremely prolific exhibitor, and has won over 40 gold medals in international exhibitions over the past 2 years, including a FIAP gold at Cork International Salon of Photography and FIAP gold and best image in the exhibition at Tallaght International Salon of Photographic Art. He will be showing all his award winning prints along with a selection of his stunning work. Tim is a member, and currently president, of Smethwick Photographic Society.




Tuesday September 23rd @ Imperial Hotel, Cork in association with Cork Camera Group

Thursday September 25th @ Pembroke Hotel, Kilkenny in association with Kilkenny Photographic Society

Entry Fee: €5

Start Time: 7.45pm



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